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Alanya Horseback Riding Tour

One of the most relaxing and unforgettable ways to experience the countryside around Alanya is on horseback. With a team of 10 experienced horses this adventure is suitable for everyone from novice first time horse riders to those who have ridden a lot in the past.

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Tandem Paragliding in Alanya

Alanya Tandem Paragliding Experience Fly like birds from summit of Taurus Mountains to sandy beaches of Mediterranean Sea of Alanya. With a few steps forward on a gentle slope, and securely attached to your pilot and the glider, you will Read More

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Best Rafting Tour in Antalya National Park

An exciting top activity in Alanya for the more adventurous. Pass through narrow Gorges and exhilarating rapids in 8 person inflatable rafts, each raft under the direction of an experienced guide.A most beautiful place of Mediterranean region, a national park and wild nature…

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